The adidas Uncaged Triple Black is a Must if You’re About Team Cozy

I’ve always been about team cozy. If I could be in plush sweats and a pair of Ultra Boosts all day, every day, I’d save so much time and money. Enter Triple Black Uncaged Ultra Boost. These beauties released in early December and while the hype was geared more toward the caged version, I found this pair to be more appealing. Now, if I had to choose, 99% of the time I’d go with a caged Ultra Boost, but something about the black and pepper grey Primeknit upper really drew me in. Topped with a matte black midsole? Icing on the cake and my decision was made.

Comfort-wise, the uncaged Ultra Boost is nearly parallel to the caged version. The two main differences?

1) The midfoot area is no longer restricted by plastic
2) The ankle collar fits very snug around your ankle


I prefer the caged ankle collar, but adidas may have used a snug sock-like collar for stability purposes due to the cage removal.

If you’re a fan of the caged Ultra Boost, I highly recommend trying the uncaged version. Yes, the $180 price point is steep, but it’s worth every penny and your feet will thank you for it.


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