A Closer Look at the Premier x Saucony Freedom Runner “Stormlight”

John and the team over at Saucony were kind enough to send me their latest collaboration with Michigan-based boutique Premier. Interestingly enough, I used to buy Nike SBs from Premier pretty frequently and I quickly became a fan of the shop because of their customer service. Aside from shipping being cheap and fast – to NYC my old stomping grounds before I moved to LA – every receipt included a hand-written note saying “Thank you, Jen!” It’s the little things that I appreciate and remember. Their collabs are also very well-thought-out.


Side note: Who else owned the Nike SB Dunk Low “Petoskey”?

For this particular collab, they went with the Freedom Runner – a blend of the Freedom Trainer and EVERUN midsole. EVERUN tech is also used in Saucony’s Running line so you already know comfort is paramount. After trying on the shoe, the cushioning felt comparable to BOOST. I know, bold statement, but Saucony styles in general are extremely comfy plus they’re priced well.

My favorite part other than the tryst of Fall/Winter colors? The weather-resistant toe box. I’m a fan of function being incorporated into footwear, and if executed correctly, undoubtedly makes the shoe stand out. I also swapped out the laces to the solid orange set to give it a cleaner look.


Let me know your honest thoughts on these in the comments or feel free to hit me up on social.

*Fit is TTS

2 thoughts on “A Closer Look at the Premier x Saucony Freedom Runner “Stormlight”

  1. Everything you said was spot on. From the customer service (they really do handwrite ‘Thank You _____’ on every receipt) to the form and function of the shoes. I wish you gave a bit more praise to the box because I think the box is impressive. Maybe I’m biased. But I appreciate that you wrote on this shoe and not just the more well known and renowned Nikes or Jordans (though I love those too). How many people brag that they got these (I did lol)? Thanks for writing and listening!


    1. thank you for reading, willie! i agree, the packaging is very creative, but i didn’t want to touch on every feature of the collab. more so, what really stood out to me. i like that saucony is low-key because i can relate. appreciate your feedback!


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