Staying True to Myself with the Aleali May Jordan 1 Satin Shadow


– a girl who dresses and acts like a boy, esp. in playing physical games that boys usually play

I wasn’t keen on that word growing up. I was the only girl in my group of friends that dressed in baggy guy’s clothing. It was just more appealing to me. My favorite piece was a Nautica jacket that I stole from my Dad. Thanks, Dad. Oh, and I always had on sneakers unless I was forced to dress up for church or other formal occasions like weddings. You’d think years of hearing my parents telling me to dress like a girl would convince me to change my style, but thankfully, I’m very stubborn and…I loved how I dressed. I was comfy. Why wouldn’t you want to be comfy all the time? #LifeHack

And this is why I had to cop the Aleali May Jordan 1. Not only are the sneakers comfy and fresh, but her experience growing up choosing sneakers over heels and jerseys over dresses was the exact same experience I had as a kid. Seriously, heels hurt.


Her Jordan collab is also a testament to staying true to yourself and remembering where you came from. Being comfortable in your own skin takes courage, especially when people are telling you otherwise.

While the meaning and story behind Aleali’s Satin Shadow 1s are what drew me to them, the materials she chose also piqued my interest because they’re unconventional from what we’re used to seeing on 1s or sneakers in general. Black corduroy and gray satin? Creative. Original. Vintage. Different. Yes, please.

It’s easy to support people and product that foster positive, influential messages. Jordan Brand, please keep advocating women in the footwear space. We’re a breath of fresh air and the community needs more of it.



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