Special Field Jordan 1 Custom By The Shoe Surgeon

I dropped by Dom aka The Shoe Surgeon‘s studio earlier this week to catch up with him and as soon as I entered the creative space, my eyes were hit with a million different projects, orders and prototypes that were being worked on. Not a surprise to see so much going on as he’s a busy guy. One particular model he showed me was a Jordan 1 custom that took inspiration from a new hybrid silhouette, the Nike Special Field Air Force 1.


Essentially, he applied the SF style to the Jordan 1, and to me, it looks exponentially better on the Jordan 1. I’m not a fan of bulky kicks and lately, the Air Force 1s being released have a bigger, rounder toe box compared to older retros and that puts me off.

Whether or not Jordan Brand applies this type of modern design to a retro Jordan is up in the air, but that’s why we have creatives like The Shoe Surgeon.

And incase you were wondering, this is what he had on feet…

Custom mid-top lace dart w/neoprene booty, new lacing system and bronze embroidery

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